FWC Scholarship Winners 2001-2002

The Faculty Women's Club was proud to honor and
award scholarships to nine exceptional UCLA students.

Graduate Scholarships

Fietta Wilkin Clendenin Memorial Scholarship

Established by Professor John C. Clendenin in memory of his wife,
this award provides scholarships for spouses of UCLA faculty members
who are continuing or completing their education.

Beverly Liss Award in Honor of Sue K. Young

The award is funded by a legacy of FWC member, Beverly Liss,
one-time Assistant to the UC President and also
to UCLA Chancellor, Charles Young. This year it memorializes
the late Sue K. Young, wife and Associate of UCLA Chancellor Young.

Son or daughter of a UCLA Faculty Member
This merit-based scholarship is awarded to the son or daughter
of a full-time academic employee .

 Undergraduate Scholarships

Two of these scholarships are memorials to honor FWC members
who were active on the board for many years

The Christine Turner Memorial Scholarship

  The Giselle Von Grunebaum memorial Scholarship

The David Miller Award

Professor David H. Miller of the University of Wisconsin
Department of Geophysics
has donated funds for this award
for several years “in belated appreciation” of his
own FWC Scholarship in 1939.

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