UCLA Faculty Women's Club (FWC)

The Birthday Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m.  We become more intimately acquainted with each other by celebrating birthdays of the month, learning more about the "birthday girls," and by discussing timely topics. Let us know your birthday month, then come and let us help you celebrate.

November 2009

Amelita displays her fresh homemade turtle bread she brought for everyone to sample as Sylvia gazes into the beautiful garden at June's home. 

Photo by Joyce.

Past Meetings

February 2009 Celebrating Valentine's Day
January 2009 at Mary Lou's home
May 2008 at Sylvia's home
February 2008 Celebrating Valentine's Day
December 2007 at Simone's home
May 2007:  Joyce, Mary Lou, & Sylvia
April 2007:  Amelita and June B.
March 2007:  Brigid & Sandy S.
February 2007:  Glorya
December 2006:  Elaine W. & Eva C.
October 2006:  Simone
August 2006:  Helen