UCLA Faculty Women's Club (FWC)

FWC Scholarships Awarded 2010-2011

The UCLA Faculty Women's Club proudly announces its 2010-2011 scholarship awards to nine exceptional UCLA students who were honored at the February 1, 2011 FWC Scholarship Dinner. 

FWC Scholarship Chair Dianne (center) congratulates and presents the 2010-11 FWC scholars honored at the Annual FWC Scholarship Dinner: (left to right) Kennetha Gaines, Edna Yokum, Melissa Spitzmiller,
Imam Rabizadeh, Emma Sabean, Mayra Bustamante, and Anaheed Heydari. (Photo by Joyce.)


Unable to attend: Judy Sng, MD and Sombra Libertad Ruiz (Photos by Dianne.)

Graduate Scholarships

♦  The Gertrude T. Huberty Warren Memorial Scholarship    

     This scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Gertrude Huberty Warren, FWC President 1949-50.  Under her leadership, FWC created the first UCLA Employee Directory that was later adopted as a UCLA publication.  Dr. Huberty, along with Dr. Donald MacKinnon, founded the first UCLA Student Health Department where she served for more than 28 years as the Assistant Director and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine.  The scholarship honors students studying to enter the medical field as researchers or physicians.    

     This year, the Gertrude T. Huberty Warren Memorial Scholarship was awarded to a physician pursuing her master's degree in an accelerated program in the Department of Epidemiology.  Her research focuses on HIV prevention/risk reduction strategies in adolescents.

♦  Direct Descendant of Full-Time UCLA Academic Employee or Member of FWC – Graduate Student

     A scholarship was awarded to one graduate student who is a Direct Descendant of a Full-Time UCLA Academic Employee and Member of FWC. 

♦  Russell and Sallie O’Neill Graduate Scholarship in Engineering and Applied Science

     The Russell and Sallie O’Neill Graduate Scholarship was established by Sallie O’Neill in 2008, as a memorial to her husband Russell (1914-2007), who was Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Dean Emeritus of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.  He joined the engineering faculty in 1947 and served as Dean from 1974 to 1983.  The scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in engineering and applied science.

     This year, the Russell and Sallie O’Neill Graduate Scholarship in Engineering and Applied Science was awarded to a first year Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering who will be focusing her research on global water quality with the goal of alleviating health hazards associated with contaminated ground water.

♦  Scholarships based on Merit and Need 

     Two scholarships based on merit and need were awarded to Graduate Students.

Undergraduate Scholarships 

♦  Scholarships awarded to Undergraduate Students and Community College Transfers based on merit and need

    Four scholarships based on merit and need were awarded to Undergraduate Students, including some who are community college transfers.

We congratulate all of the recipients of FWC Scholarships and wish them well in their educational pursuits at UCLA. 

Many thanks to FWC members and friends who contribute so generously to help make these scholarship awards possible. 



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