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FWC members are encouraged to participate in as many sections as they choose. Detailed information about section activity can be obtained by clicking on links or by e-mailing FWC at uclafwc@ucla.edu with Sections as the subject or by writing to FWC, P. O. BOX 49363, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

See Calendar for schedule of days and times of section meetings.

Birthday Club   Meets 2nd Wednesday. We celebrate birthdays in this social gathering and enjoy a potluck lunch. The celebrants share their personal and family histories.
BOOK SECTION Meets 2nd Tuesday afternoon for book reviews, discussion, recommendations, and much more.
Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings.  Experienced players.
Meets 1st Thursday morning.  Experienced players.
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons.  Meetings include instruction and play of bridge hands.
3 sections
French Reading and Conversation meets 2nd and 4th Monday mornings;
German Conversation meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings;
Spanish Conversation meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday mornings.
Members practice their language skills through reading and conversation.
GALLERIES AND SIGHTS OF L.A. Meets five times annually to explore the cultural opportunities of Los Angeles and nearby areas.
INTERNATIONAL COOKING Meets 3rd Monday evening to share culinary skills with an eclectic and/or foreign flair.
Knit Happens   Meets 3rd Friday morning. A social group for members to work on their knitting, crocheting, or other handwork.
LET'S DO LUNCH Meets 4th Friday to savor the food at different restaurants.

Meets 1st Monday morning.  For Beginner and Intermediate players.  Guidance for those interested in learning.

Music in Cultural Contexts  

Members play and/or listen to a variety of musical genres, styles, and media; interpret, discuss, and analyze musical pieces; and reflect on the interdisciplinary nature of the arts. Join us at the MUSIC SECTION BLOG  http://uclafwcmusic.blogspot.com


Let us know who you are so we can welcome you.

PLAY READING   Meets 2nd Thursday evening.  Informal study of theater, both classical and contemporary. Be a participant or an observer and just enjoy an evening of theater and discussion.
TAI CHI   Meets every Tuesday afternoon. Intermediate and advanced levels are welcome at an ongoing Tai Chi class with a skilled instructor ($5 per class).

Meets at the UCLA Sycamore Courts.

            Monday Mornings - For players of all levels.

            Friday Mornings - For players who are at an intermediate level or better.  Play doubles and mixed groups.  Occasional tournaments and round robins.


Meets 1st Friday morning for guided writing exercises and thoughtful feedback.

Young Professionals  

Members meet to network, socialize, attend UCLA events, and explore the UCLA campus.

Inactive Sections

Bicycling, Bird Study, Chess, Computer/Desktop Publishing, Garden Tours, Genealogy, Golf, Moms and Kids, Movies, Music, Safety, Swimming, Travel, Walking/Hiking, and Wine Tasting with Potluck are sections that are currently inactive but may be reactivated if there is sufficient interest.  If interested in any of these sections or if you have an idea for a new section, please contact FWC by e-mail at uclafwc@ucla.edu and put Sections as the subject or by writing to FWC, P.O. Box 49363, Los Angeles, CA 90049.  We welcome your suggestions.